• Professor Howe and the European Exit

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    August 20, 2019 · 1
    Sneak Preview! Horace was triumphant. He was a rather rotund man with crazy hair who, although not conventionally attractive, had a string of women fawning over him in every port. It may have been his ego, which was as large as a red bus, or it may have been something else. He was currently...
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    Professor Howe and the European Exit
    Professor Howe and the European Exit
    10.00 - 14.50
    Poeland - a country in crisis.

    Newly elected President Horace, must balance cries of party loyalty, illicit affairs and the peoples' desire for European Decampment with fundamental beliefs of the Realists.

    Meanwhile PROFESSOR HOWE, accompanied by his trusty companion Doris, must ensure that trade negotiations succeed and he gets his beloved Brussels.

    Mr Grove, Jacob Cracker, Giles Farago, and other disparate individuals aid Horace in his fiendish scheme to relocate the country to the shores of the United States.

    Will the Decampers get what they want? Will Jacob Cracker take the biscuit? And can Beth Trussed-Up still buy cheese down the supermarket?
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